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  • Bring copies of your passport

    Please bring copies of your passports with you. It is necessary to have them for identification.

  • Register with your embassy

    When you travel abroad, register with your embassy to receive travel advice, emergency help, and local condition updates. Stay informed and safe.

  • Always have local cash

    It's a good idea to always have some local cash on hand when traveling—enough for emergencies or establishments that don't accept cards.

  • Get guidebooks

    Choose guidebooks that provide clear maps, insider suggestions, and cultural insights. For dependable travel advice, look to reputable publishers such as Lonely Planet and Rick Steves.

  • Research events

    Research gatherings promote knowledge sharing, innovation, and networking among researchers. They offer presentations, talks, and collaborations on a variety of topics.

  • Bring your Camera

    Camera is a device used to capture photographs or movies. It includes optical components that focus light onto a sensor and transform it into electronic signals for digital processing.

  • power bank

    A power bank is a portable device that stores electricity and may be used to charge mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets while on the go. It is useful for travel or during power shortages.

  • bicycle

    It's efficient, environmentally friendly, and promotes exercise. Road, mountain, and hybrid bikes are the most common types.

  • Book your Hotel

    Book your hotel stay with us! Experience comfort, convenience, and great service. Choose from our selection of rooms for a relaxed stay. Book now for an unforgettable stay!

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