Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to get the Eurostar from Waterloo to Paris and I live in Nottingham. Can I buy the UK rail tickets from you as well?

We do supply UK rail tickets – just ask at the time of booking. Moreover Eurostar now (since December 14, 2007) goes from St. Pancras station in London, not Waterloo, so as your train from Nottingham also uses St. Pancras, your journey to Paris will be even more seamless!

I am planning on travelling to France in the summer and would like to go all the way by train. If I leave the booking until last minute, will I get cheaper fares?

Rail tickets and reservations on some trains (mainly Eurostar, TGV and Thalys) are sold on an allocation basis, which is similar to airlines. Seats are allocated on a first come first served basis, so in order to secure the cheaper options it is always advisable to book early. Remember that Eurostar reservations open6 months in advance, and many long distance trains in Europe open for booking 4 months in advance.

I want to travel to Brussels from Ashford on the Eurostar. If I miss my train from Ashford, can I just get on the next one?

If at the time of booking you requested a changeable ticket (normally at a higher cost) then you would be able to do this, but cheaper fares carry restrictions on changing tickets and most Leisure Fares are non-exchangeable and non-refundable. Please check when booking your ticket.

I want to go Inter-Railing this summer. Will I have to pay any additional charges on top of what I have paid for my pass?

An Inter-Rail Pass is valid for travel on most trains in your chosen zones, but there will be supplements payable on high-speed trains and any trains with mandatory seat reservations. A simple seat reservation will cost in the region of £3.00 per person, but on many international trains, Thalys trains, ICE trains and TGV etc, there will be a supplement payable which varies depending upon the journey but could be in the region of £10.00 per person and will include the necessary seat reservation. Couchettes and sleepers on night trains will also be additional costs and it is advisable to book these before you leave the UK. It is worth noting that a couchette on a night train is normally a cheaper option than spending a night in a hostel or hotel and you have the added advantage of saving travelling time, as you travel whilst asleep

I’m travelling by train to Russia. Do I need visas for my journey?

If you are a UK national, you will need a tourist visa to enter Russia. If your rail journey takes you through Belarus (which it will if you take the direct route through Warsaw), you will also need to obtain a Belarus transit visa. Because of the complex and constantly changing nature of visas requirements, Trainseurope do not arrange any visas and as the traveller it is your responsibility to ensure that you have the necessary documentation for your journey. There are however some specialist companies that provide passport and visa services – one is Visa & Passport Service, Tel. 020 7229 4784 or email

I want to book a berth in a couchette between Paris and Rome and I understand that I will be sharing with other people. Will the sexes be mixed and how secure will it be?

Couchette cars are usually mixed sexes but on some selected international routes there are ladies only berths. The cabin door is lockable but as with any type of travel, it is unwise to leave any belongings unsupervised at any time. All belongings should be taken with you wherever you go on the train.

Are seat reservations necessary on all trains within Europe?

No. Seat reservations are mainly only compulsory on high-speed services – Eurostar, TGV, Thalys, ICE and Eurostar Italia services. Some trains do not require reservations including internal Swiss, internal Belgian and internal Dutch trains.