The "InterRail Global" and "InterRail One Country" passes, are temporarily not bookable on line -please order them, and also Swiss, American, Canadian and Japan Rail passes by contacting us on Tel. 0871 700 7722 or email info@trainseurope.co.uk

Because of the relative strength of the £ against the Euro, the 2016 prices for all Inter-rail passes are actually lower than in 2012! But even greater news for Inter-railers under 26, buying the one-month Global Inter-rail pass - Trainseurope has reduced the cost of this pass still further, to £399 - and you are off on your European adventure for a lot less than you thought! Click on this link for the current Inter-rail pass prices.


As all our passes are non-refundable in cases of loss or theft, we send them out using Special Delivery, the cost of which will be added to your order. The current Special Delivery cost is £10.00 per order. You can of course buy them in person "over the counter" at our main office (4, Station Approach, MARCH, Cambs. PE15 8SJ or at the Trainseurope desk in the East Midland Trains ticket office at London St. Pancras station (between 10:00 and 16:40 daily) for no extra apart from the international ticket booking cover charge which applies to all international rail tickets.

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