EUROPEAN & INTERNATIONAL RAIL                                                

Europe has a sophisticated network of high speed train services - including France's TGVs, Germany's ICEs, Italy's  "Alto Velocita" trains - Eurostar Italia, Freccia Argento and Freccia Rossa (Silver Arrow and Red Arrow); and Spain's AVE - connecting its major cities. Trainseurope can arrange tickets and reservations on all European networks, whether you are connecting via Eurostar or flying in and travelling on by rail.

As well as railpasses - for individual countries, or the whole of Europe's rail network - we can provide train tickets for travel between two towns or cities; or for a tour to include several destinations. We can also book seats in first or second class, couchettes and sleepers. Journeys to all European destinations from the UK start with Eurostar from London St. Pancras, Ebbsfleet or Ashford International. Trainseurope can also book travel from your nearest UK station.

Eurostar takes you to Paris Nord, Brussels Midi, Calais Frethun or Lille Europe (from where many TGV's depart for French destinations). London to Paris takes just 2 hours 15 minutes, and London to Brussels 1 hour 50 minutes.


Click here for timetable enquiries (using the German DB system)

LONDON – FRENCH STATIONS great-value return rail to destinations throughout France

LONDON – BELGIAN STATIONS change at Brussels for fixed price rail to any Belgian station, including Bruges and Gent

LONDON – DUTCH STATIONS  change at Brussels for fixed price rail to any Dutch station, including Amsterdam and Rotterdam